October – What I Read in October.2015

I only found out about the book community on You tube about six months ago.  Since then I have been subscribing and watching a lot of videos about my favorite subject – books.  I always thought that making the videos looked really fun but at the time believed that I would need a fancy camera and editing equipment until it dawned on me a few weeks ago that I could just use my web camera on my computer.  Then it was a matter of getting over my fear of having the world see and critique my videos.  Reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book “Big Magic” made me take that step of making and uploading my first video and since then I am hooked and have uploaded four videos now.  I haven’t found a program yet for editing so they are not perfect but I am having a blast doing this and hope that others enjoy them also.  Click on my Youtube link below to see my October reads video.

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October.2015 Reads

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