My Weekend Reads – Dec. 11/15

I haven’t blogged or done a booktube video on youtube for a few weeks — I was away on vacation and then came home with a horrible cold and this is the first weekend where I have felt well enough to do anything.

I need to do some Christmas wrapping this weekend.  I have most of the gifts bought but nothing wrapped and under the tree.  I also need to pick up the turkey I ordered from Sobeys.  This is the first year that I am cooking a pre-stuffed turkey.  I have been very disappointed the last couple of years with my stuffing so screw it, I am not stuffing the bird this year and we will try a pre-stuffed turkey and see how it tastes.

It is snowing here in Regina today.  This is the first real snowfall of the season as it has been unseasonably warm here.  The weather experts are saying we may get 2-4 cms of snow tonight and tomorrow.  Definitely a good time to do some curling up with a good book or two.

This weekend I am going to finish off reading the Terry Fallis book “Poles Apart”.  The main character, Everett Kane, is in is 30’s and has just been notified by his mother that his father has had a stroke in Florida.  He is a free-lance writer so can work from anywhere so at the request of his mother he leaves Toronto and goes down to Florida to assist his father with rehab.  At the rehab center he sees a woman he recognizes.  She is an author who wrote several books about feminism a number of decades earlier.  Everett considers himself quite the feminist and has had difficulties keeping girlfriends as he is more of a feminist than they are.  He befriends the author and starts remembering his college days and how much he enjoyed the activism he was involved in around feminism so he starts writing articles for a blog.  He has the feminist author read his articles and she thinks they are great so he actually starts a blog and publishes them.  He calls his blog “Eve of Equality” and at first has very few followers but then a talk show host reads some of the articles and mentions them on her talk show.  People then start tweeting about the blog and within a matter of hours has hundreds of thousands of followers  Problem being that everyone thinks he is a woman.

If I finish Poles Apart this weekend I am going to start The Lake House by Kate Morton.  I have not read a Kate Morton for a number of years but I am really looking forward to this story.

It is about a family in Cornwall England who own a large property at the lake and they are planning a party.  Alice, their 16 year old daughter is in love for the first time and is really looking forward to the party.  She has a nine month old brother and sometime during the party he is taken from his room.  Searches continue for months but he is never found and the family is devastated.  They leave their property in Cornwall and move to London.  Seventy years later, a Detective Constable stumbles onto this fallen down property and hears the story about what had happened all those years ago.  She is intrigued and looks up Alice in London.  She is now quite elderly but the D.C. starts working with Alice to see if she can figure out what happened to Alice’s brother all those years ago.

I did very little reading this week so I hope to make up for it this weekend.Friday Reads_December 11.2015



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