Weekend Reads

In the Dark Cold GroundMy current read is “In the Dark Cold Ground” by Stuart MacBride and I am about 50% complete.  This is the tenth book in the Logan McRae series and I absolutely love it.  Picking up this series is like sitting down with an old friend that you get to spend a few hours with to catch up and have a few laughs with.  The series is set in Scotland where Logan McRae is a Sergeant with the police force.  Not only do you get a mystery/thriller but there are a lot of laughs in this series and I highly recommend it.  I’m not sure if I will finish this book this weekend or not.

The MartianIf I do, the next one on my list is The Martian by Andy Weir.  I spent a lot of time wrestling with whether I should read the book or just watch the movie but I finally decided to read it first.  I got this book from the library so I need to get it read before it’s due date back of March 29th.

So, other than reading this weekend, I have some errands to run and plan on getting together with my sister on Saturday for lunch and then a visit to our local Second Cup for a latte.  I also plan on doing some binge watching of Season 4 of House of Cards which I started last weekend on Netflix.  Whatever you choose to do this weekend, I hope you have a good one.


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