Book Review – Hit By A Farm

Catherine and Melissa are a couple who reside in southeastern Minnesota who decide to go farming – more specifically, raising sheep and poultry and starting a vineyard. Catherine was an author prior to her and Melissa starting this endeavour and going farming was really Melissa’s dream. I listened to this book on audio with Catherine being the narrator. I found her voice so similar to Cheryl Strayed that at times I had to remind myself that Cheryl wasn’t narrating.

I enjoyed the book, but it certainly is not my favourite of all the different farming adventure books that I have read. At times Catherine spent large amounts of the book complaining about farm life and how it was interfering with her writing. After a while the complaining became a bit monotonous and I began to wonder why she just didn’t leave. Eventually Catherine was able to set boundaries with respect to the amount of farm work she was willing to take on so that she could get back to her writing life and this book is the result.  Three stars out of five on Goodreads.

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