Weekend Reads

This is a long weekend in Canada with Monday being Victoria Day so I get another day for reading!! Yea!!!!!!

The Book SellerI am currently reading The Bookseller by Mark Pryor.  This is the first book in the Hugo Marston series.  Hugo is the head of security at the US embassy in Paris.  He occasionally purchases books from a bookseller on the streets of Paris.  One day he goes to look at the bookseller’s selections and encounters a situation between Max (the bookseller) and a thug.  Max is forced onto a boat by gunpoint and Hugo can’t seem to get anyone from the police to believe that Max is in trouble.  I am about 14% complete so just nicely into it and I find it very interesting and of course, the Paris setting doesn’t hurt either.




Lilac GirlsWhen I finish The Bookseller, the next book I plan on picking up is Lilac Girls.  I so love the cover of this book.  This story is set during World War II.  The main characters are three women – one works at a consulate in France (I think), another is a teen from Poland which has just been invaded by Germany and she is part of the underground resistance and eventually gets taken to the women’s concentration camp and the third is a woman doctor in Germany who answers an ad for a medical position.  She is so happy she has gotten this position but it turns out to be a nightmare (I suspect she may end up being a doctor at the concentration camp).  I think this is going to be a very interesting but difficult book to read because of the content.

Hope everyone has a good weekend and happy reading!

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