Book Review – Esther the Wonderpig!

EstherI listened to this book in audiobook form and it was a really quick read. The basic premise of the story is that someone was trying to get rid of Esther, who was a baby pig at this point, because they had come to the realization that she was not a miniature pig but a commercial pig. They were not truthful to Steve and told him that she was a miniature and he agreed to take Esther because he had fallen in love with her at first sight. At Esther’s first vet visit, Steve was advised that there was a very good possibility that Esther was a commercial pig and could grow up to be 1000 pounds. By then however it was too late because Steve and Derek loved Esther. There is no doubt when reading this book you start to see animals as whole beings rather than just individual cuts of meat. Someone said to me a week or so ago when I was listening to this book that they were planning on having a pig roast where you cook a whole pig on a spit. My first thought was “you can’t cook Esther” and I was rather appalled by her plan. However, if she had just said to me “I’m thinking about having ham for supper tonight” I wouldn’t have had such a strong reaction. There is no doubt the reader will look at meat differently after reading this book. The stories that they told about Esther were very humourous and I give this book a four star rating.

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