Book Review – Arrowood

ArrowoodArden Arrowood returns to her hometown of Keokuk, Iowa where she has inherited her family home upon the death of her grandparents and father.  Twenty years earlier at that same house, Arden’s twin sisters disappeared when she was babysitting and they have never been found.  Her parents left Keokuk when it became evident that the girls were not going to be located and the house has sat empty ever since.  Her parents subsequently divorced and their lives fell apart.

Upon returning home she is contacted by a writer who specializes in novels about missing persons.  He is interested in writing about her sisters’ disappearance and Arden agrees to meet with him.  Through his probing questions, it appears that her memory of the events may not be reliable and her mother, now remarried, does not wish to discuss the disappearance and dredge up old memories.

This is a short mystery novel (270 pages) but it covers a lot of ground in those short pages.  I enjoyed this book and appreciated that the author wrapped up the ending with a nice bow answering all the questions that the reader has.  I gave this 3.5 out of 5 stars on Goodreads.

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