Weekend Reads – October 14.2016

I have always been a big fan of Tana French but I am absolutely loving her latest book in the Dublin Murder Squad mystery series – The Trespasser.  I have been very disappointed with a couple of thriller/mystery books I have picked up recently where I have figured out the-trespasserthe ending no later than 50% through the book.  Thus, no feeling of satisfaction when I finish the book, just a sense that the last 50% of the book was a waste of my time because I already knew how it was going to end.  This is certainly not the case with The Trespasser.  I am 80% complete in my read, and I am still not quite sure how everything is going to end up and I am very okay with that.  I believe that The Trespasser is going to turn out to be my favorite read of 2016 and it makes me want to re-read The Likeness (which was my favorite Tana French novel prior to her newest to the stable).

black-water-lilliesIn my anxious hurry to get reading The Trespasser last weekend, I ended up putting down Black Water Lilies.  I don’t have much left and will be finishing off this book as soon as I am finished The Trespasser.

After that, I am really not sure what I am going to pick up next.  I am tempted to read The Likeness again, however, I also did just get The Tenant of Wildfell Hall in the beautiful Penguin cloth bound edition (I just love those).  What to do, what to do …… the-tenant-of-wildfell-hall

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