Weekend Reads – October 28, 2016

girl-with-a-pearl-earringI just finished reading Girl With A Pearl Earring last night and I really enjoyed it.  I question how much is actually true but it was an entertaining story nonetheless.  If I am ever in Holland again, I want to travel to The Hague and see this picture in person.  I am planning on renting the movie tonight while the book is still fresh in my mind (cozy blanket, good snacks, pajamas and a good movie – best Friday night ever!!!).

the-crucibleI am currently reading The Crucible by Arthur Miller.  I bought it in the new limited  Penguin Orange edition and I absolutely love the cover.  While I am interested in the actual story of the Salem witch trials, this is in a play format and it is the first play that I have read.  I am not really enjoying this format very much and with there being a lot of characters, am finding it a bit of a slog but I do want to finish it.  It is so short that a couple of more hours and it will be done anyways so I should polish this off sometime this weekend.

and-then-there-were-noneThere a few library books waiting for me which I will go and pick up later today so I’m not sure if I will start one of those or read my first Agatha Christie – And Then There Were None.  The other option is The Joy of Leaving Your Shit All Over The Place which sounds like the anti – life changing magic of tidying up.  Should be a humorous read.


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