Reading Update – November 24, 2016

It is lightly snowing outside as I type this and I am starting to feel a bit Christmasy.  The tree is up, the decorations are out, the gift shopping has begun and I am chomping at the bit to read Charles Dicken’s The Christmas Carol.  Of course I have seen the movie several times but I have never read the actual book.  I am holding myself back from starting it until December when I will have presents wrapped and under the tree, it has gotten colder (we have been having unseasonably warm weather) and I have started playing Christmas music. I want the full Christmas experience when I curl up to read this classic tale.

In the meantime, I have read several books since my last blog.  They are:


Rather Be The Devil by Ian Rankin – 3 stars – It is not often that I give a Rebus book less than four stars, however, I have to say that I just wasn’t interested in the storyline of this installment.  I did enjoy the continued development of Rebus in that he is less grumpy than his younger self, he now has a girlfriend and he is developing a grudging friendship with Malcolm Fox.

Ruth’s First Christmas Tree by Elly Griffiths – 4 stars – I just love Elly Griffiths’ character, Ruth Galloway.  In fact, I would go so far as to say that she is my favorite literary character in my current book world.  This short story was published a few years ago but I could never get my hands on it.  It wasn’t available for sale on Kindle, Kobo or in print form.  When Christmas is over each year, I forget about it but a few days ago my memory was triggered and I did another search and I actually found it on the internet for free in .pdf format.  I was so excited, I downloaded it immediately and devoured it.  I would love to see a book in this series set around the whole season of Christmas now that Ruth’s daughter is no longer a baby.

Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng – 3 stars – I enjoyed this book but did find it quite sad.  The reader learns from the first sentence that Lydia Lee, a teenager, has died but her family doesn’t know it yet.  Her mother has placed all of the expectations that she had for her own life onto Lydia and the book slowly has the characters come to this realization and deal with the consequences.

Our Souls at Night by Kent Haruf – 3 stars – This is a very short novel and is Kent Haruf’s last book (he passed away either shortly before or after it was published).  Addie Moore, the female protagonist is 70 years old and has been widowed and lonely for a number of years.  Louis Waters’ wife has also passed away and Addie approaches Louis with the suggestion that he come over and spend evenings sleeping at her house so they won’t be so lonely.  Sex is not the purpose of the visits but companionship is the goal.  He agrees to this plan and while it is unorthodox, both find the arrangement very satisfying – they are no longer lonely, are sleeping better with someone else in bed with them and are overall enjoying life more.  Things seem to be going well until the gossip in this small town begins and Addie’s son becomes aware of the arrangement.  Again, I found this book to be quite sad as the ending was not what I expected.

the-boston-girlI am currently reading The Boston Girl by Anita Diamant and am finding this to be a fast read.  I expect that I will finish it this weekend or early next week.  I am impatiently waiting for Lauren Graham’s book “Talking As Fast As I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls and Everything in Between”.  It gets released on Tuesday but delivery isn’t guaranteed until December 2nd so I probably won’t be able to read it until next weekend.

So until then, happy Thanksgiving to my United States friends and enjoy your turkey!


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