Cross Stitching

I love to cross-stitch but I had stepped away from it for a few years.  Work was extremely stressful and busy and I overall felt stressed all the time.  Cross stitch was unfortunately something that I gave up for a while telling myself that I will pick it up again when I retire.  Well, retirement finally came in February and I ordered myself a new cross-stitch project.  I find cross stitching so relaxing and it is ironic that just when I probably needed it the most in my life is just when I let it go because I felt stressed out from work!

Back in my thirties when I first started cross stitching, I used to be able to do it while I watched television.  I could easily spend hours stitching away and watching.  Then my 40’s came along and brought bifocals with it.  Since I have started wearing bifocals, I am unable to watch tv and stitch at the same time and have to stitch with no glasses on.  I have tried reading glasses and computer glasses but no joy.  However, I have found a new way to enjoy cross stitching and that is with audio books.  I love to read and this allows me to “read” a book while I am also working on a hobby I enjoy.  I used to be able to only listen to non-fiction books such as autobiographies/biographies because I found that I lost concentration when I listened to fiction, however, I have now listened to two books in the “thriller” genre and have enjoyed them.  Next try is literary fiction!

The project I am currently working on is actually a kit that I ordered in a pansy pattern.  I am a sucker for flower and bird patterns.  I am happy with the pattern grid and the aida cloth that was provided in the kit, however, this will be the last kit that I purchase simply because the yarn is very cheap and frays so easily making it difficult to thread the needle.  I finally gave up using the yarn that came with the kit and managed to match each color that came in the kitPansy Cross Stitch to a DCM yarn which is a breeze to work with.

I am about 70% complete and I can’t help look at other patterns to figure out what I want to work on next!


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