I’m Back!

I really didn’t expect that I would be away from my blog this long.   In the early spring of 2017, I made the decision that I would retire on February 15, 2018 after 34.5 years of full-time employment.  From the time I made that decision to my actual last day of work, life was very busy with financial planning, life planning, and day dreaming about the future.  I kept telling myself that I would get back to my blog after my retirement.  72 hours after I walked out of my office for the last time, I got on a plane to Fort Lauderdale for a two week Caribbean cruise.  What I didn’t know at the beginning of February, 2018 was that not only would I be very sick with a horrible cold and laryngitis for my retirement party and last day of work but that while the cold would temporarily get better in the Caribbean, 24 hours after returning home, the cold would also return with a vengeance.  I think contributing to the general feeling of sickness was my body trying to deal with the sudden lack of stress in my life and it seemed like my body was slowly falling apart.  Every week there was a different symptom or discomfort to try to heal.  Finally by the beginning of May, 2018 I started feeling normal again and started sleeping better than I have for several years.  It is a joy again to get into bed at night knowing that sleep will come easily and comfortably rather than awakening every few hours with insomnia, back pain and sinus issues.

Once I started feeling myself again, it was time to examine whether I wanted to re-start my blog.  I decided I still wanted a venue for book reviews, hobby updates, life updates, etc. other than just my booktube channel, so today I start again!  I hope you will join me!


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