Audio Book Review – I See You

This is a review of the audio book version of I See You written by Clare Mackintosh and narrated by Rachel Atkins.

I had previously listened to Clare Mackintosh’s other book, Let Me Lie, narrated by both the author and Gemma Whelan and I had really enjoyed it giving it four stars.  My feelings about this audiobook, however, are completely different.

I remember that I couldn’t wait to get back to listen to Let Me Lie so I went into I See You with the same anticipation.  It turned out that I felt the total opposite about this book – it was like “when will this book ever end????”.

This book is about a predator who takes pictures of women that take the same commuter route every day on the subway.  The picture of the woman is then put into the newspaper along with a number.  If you belong to this “club” then you can download that profile, find out their route and then stalk that person.  One woman who was targeted has already been killed.  One day Zoe Walker sees her picture in the paper and soon realizes that she is targeted as a potential victim.

I know that when reading thrillers, sometimes a person has to suspend their disbelief but I just found this plot beyond believable and on top of that, it just bored me.  I found the promised “twists that will leave you gasping” didn’t – I had already guessed not only who was behind the crime but also the twist that occurs at the end.  There were no surprises as far as I was concerned.  What really puts this book at two stars for me is the narrator.  I give her credit that she did a lot of voices in the book, however, so many of them were over the top and overly dramatic.  At times I was wondering whether I was listening to an audio book or to Coronation Street.

Unfortunately, this audio book has left me feeling like I will probably not listen or read another of this author’s books unless the plot sounds better and it is narrated by a different person.

I See You

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