Book Review – The Outsider By Stephen King

I was expecting this book to be set in Castle Rock, Stephen King’s favorite town for supernatural phenomenon, however, it is set in the fictional Flint City.  An eleven year old’s body has been found mutilated and violated.  At the scene are the finger prints and DNA of Terry Maitland, an English teacher and Little League coach.  Terry is quickly arrested, however, states his innocence and soon video is produced showing Terry in another city at the exact time the murder was happening.  How then can he be the murderer but at the same time, how is it that his finger prints and DNA are all over the scene and body?  This is the premise of King’s newest book The Outsider.

King introduces some characters in this book that I would love to see brought back in a future book, in particular, Detective Ralph Anderson and Holly Gibney who owns and operates a bail bondsman/investigator business.  Both characters are memorable, honorable and brave and would make a great addition to a future King book.

The hardcover edition of this book is 560 pages and I flew through it in five days – really enjoyed it.  My one question to the publisher, however, is “why does the American cover have to be soooo ugly”????

The Outsider

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