Graphic Novel Review – The Fade Out Act Two

This is act two of a three act graphic novel series set in 1948 Hollywood.  In act one, a writer, Charlie Parish, wakes up from a drunken party to find a starlet dead but he can’t remember what happened that night. The Hollywood studio executives create the story that Val committed suicide but Charlie knows differently.

In act two, Charlie starts dating Maya Silver, Val’s replacement on the movie but still can’t remember what happened the night Val was killed.  In my opinion, act two, like many books in a trilogy, is more of a “filler” to get you to the third book where everything is summed up and solved.

I enjoyed act two, but not quite as much as act one.  I suspect that I will really enjoy act three as it will wrap everything up and we will find out who the murderer is.

The Fade Out Act Two

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