Book Review – Something In the Water

This book begins in the present day with the protagonist, Erin, digging a grave in the woods.  We even know who the grave is for as the body is lying beside her at the time, but I’m not going to tell you as you will want to read this story yourself and then when you turn the last page, ask yourself “how well do you really know the people in your life?”.

The story takes the reader back 3 months in the past to allow us to understand why Erin is digging a grave in the woods.    Erin is a documentarist and is engaged to Mark, a financier who has a successful career in the banking industry.  Their wedding is only weeks away and we hear this story from Erin’s point of view.  We hear all about the planning leading up to the wedding and then the wedding itself and finally the honeymoon.  They have booked a luxury honeymoon in a private cabana in Bora Bora and the first few days are glorious, sun-filled relaxation and fun.  Erin is a bit nervous, however, as she has promised Mark that she would go scuba diving with him.  Mark is an experienced scuba diver but Erin has only gone once and it was a bad experience where she panicked and felt like she was suffocating.  Mark has promised her that he will be right by her side and help her through it and she wants to make Mark happy so she agrees to a day out on the boat diving.

The resort suggests to Mark a good spot where there is a wreck they can explore along with a deserted island that they can spend some time on.  They both end up having a great day and Erin does well with the scuba diving, however, evening is coming and it is time to get back to the resort.  On their way back to the resort, they encounter something that will change their lives – something in the water.

This book is a Reese Witherspoon book club choice and she has done an excellent job picking a book that is hard to put down.  This is a debut novel and I think that the author has done a fabulous job.  She has written a book where the plot has been well thought out and she has come up with plausible solutions for each hurdle in the story.  Hurdles that I thought were insurmountable but yet the author had solutions that I could actually see working and loose ends were continually being tied up.

I am giving this book 4.5 stars and I will definitely pay more attention to when Reese announces a new book pick if this is any indication of the types of books she will be suggesting. Something in the Water

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