Tangerine by Christine Mangan – Book Review

I was of two minds when deciding what rating to give this book – was it going to be three stars or two stars??

The book is about two women – Alice Shipley and Lucy Mason.  They meet in college when they were assigned as roommates and quickly became best friends.  There is an incident at some point during their time at Bennington College and it tears them apart.  Alice is fragile and Lucy is domineering and there is definitely a Single White Female vibe running through this book.  Lucy disappears after the “incident” and a number of years later, Alice marries John and they move to Tangier.  While John loves living in Tangier, Alice hates it and has an extremely difficult time adjusting to the point where she almost becomes agoraphobic and doesn’t want to leave their apartment.  Low and behold, who shows up at the door one day but Lucy with plans to stay with Alice and John.

This is where I start to have issues with this book.  As I said earlier, Lucy is domineering and Alice just lets her walk all over her.  For example, several times Alice asks Lucy to leave.  Lucy just disregards Alice’s request and continues to live with them.  I got so tired of Alice being a doormat that both John and Lucy walked all over.

My preference for book endings is when good triumphs over evil and unfortunately that doesn’t happen in this book.  While I think the book is well written and I enjoyed the descriptions of Tangier, personally, my enjoyment factor wasn’t high and while I gave it a 3 star rating, it was teetering on the edge of two stars.


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