Full Disclosure by Beverley McLachlin – Book Review

Jilly Truitt is a rising star as a defense attorney in Vancouver, British Columbia.  She accepts the case of defending Vincent Trussardi who is accused of murdering his wife.  The prosecutor on the file is her old mentor, Cy Kenge, however, they have not been seeing eye to eye these days and their relationship has turned rocky.

This book is written by Beverley McLachlin who was the first female Chief Justice of Canada.  I enjoyed the procedural part of the story mostly because Ms. McLachlin got it right due to her background as a lawyer and former Justice of the Court in Canada.  In the 1990’s I was a Judicial Officer in the Court of Queen’s Bench and it was refreshing to read a legal story set in Canada where all the procedural background was correct (e.g. while judges, lawyers, and court clerks gown for trials, they do not wear wigs as they do in the British courts, QB Justices wear black robes with red sashes down the front).

One area that I thought could have been improved was with respect to Jilly questioning who her birth parents were.  The author’s hints were so heavy-handed that there may as well have been highlighted sentences on my Kindle edition saying “pay attention or here’s the answer”.  I had figured out 50% of the way into the book who one of her parents were just from the heavy-handedness of the writing.

Overall, I think it was written well and I enjoyed the story.  If the author decides to continue writing about this character or other legal-related novels, I will definitely check them out.

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