Meghan – Book Review

This is another biography of a member of the Royal Family by Andrew Morton, best known for his collaboration with Diana, Princess of Wales, on the 1992 biography, Diana:  Her True Story.  In this memoir, we learn more about Meghan Markle who married Prince Harry in May, 2018. While I enjoyed the book (it was... Continue Reading →

Book Review – On Chesil Beach

This is a short novel of 166 pages that covers one night in Edward’s and Florence’s life – their wedding night which goes disastrously.  Through flashbacks, we relive their courtship days leading up to their engagement, wedding and wedding night.  Both Edward and Florence come to their marriage as virgins, the difference between the two... Continue Reading →

Book Review – Once A Rancher

This is the first book that I have read by this author and as I don’t read a lot of romance, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised.  In one sense, this seemed to be a traditional romance story, however, there was also a mystery element to it which is what... Continue Reading →

Book Review – Summer at Tiffany

Marjorie Hart has detailed in this memoir her experiences of her and her girlfriend, Marty Garrett, being the first female pages at Tiffany in New York City during the summer of 1945.  Marjorie and Marty were born and raised in Iowa and during their summer break from college, they decided to go to New York... Continue Reading →

Book Review – The Outsider By Stephen King

I was expecting this book to be set in Castle Rock, Stephen King’s favorite town for supernatural phenomenon, however, it is set in the fictional Flint City.  An eleven year old’s body has been found mutilated and violated.  At the scene are the finger prints and DNA of Terry Maitland, an English teacher and Little... Continue Reading →

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