The Life We Bury by Allen Eskens – Audiobook Review

I listened to this as an audiobook narrated by Zach Villa.  The narrator did an excellent job finding the perfect voice for the protagonist, Joe Talbert.  It was one of the best audio book experiences I have ever had.  The voice was soothing but yet transfixing and my mind did not wander at all while listening and doing cross-stitch.

This book is told from the point of view of a college student, Joe Talbert.  He has received a class assignment to interview an older person and write a brief memoir of them.  Joe doesn’t really have an older person in his life that he can interview so he gets the idea of going to a nursing home and interviewing one of the residents there for his assignment.

The nursing home suggests that he meet with Carl Iverson who has received early release from prison due to the fact that he is dying from cancer and only has a few weeks left to live.  Carl had been serving a life sentence for raping and killing a 14 year old girl who was his neighbor.  Carl states that he is innocent and his best friend, with whom he served with in Vietnam, tells Joe that Carl is not the sort of person that could possibly do that kind of crime.

The story is interesting enough that Joe starts doing some investigation on his own and he also starts to believe that Carl is innocent.  With some help from his neighbor, Lila and his autistic brother, Joe starts finding cracks in the prosecution’s case.

I really enjoyed this story because it was unusual and not the every-day plot being rehashed.  It was also character driven, which is my favorite type of story.

I certainly recommend this book and if you are an audio-book listener or would like to give one a try, I think this would be an excellent choice.

The Life We Bury

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