Batman Year One – Graphic Novel Review

When it comes to graphic novels and comics, I am still a newbie scratching my head where to start and what to read next.  The one subject matter I have been focusing on lately is Batman as I recall with affection the half hour tv show that was on when I was a kid (yes, many years ago) but even focusing in on a specific subject matter is like falling into a rabbit hole when it comes to comics.  I had no idea there were so many Batman comics written and illustrated by so many different authors and artists and that they all intermingle so that it is difficult to get a good grasp on how to read them in order.  Finally, I found a discussion thread that suggested that if you are a newbie like myself, that Batman Year One is a good place to start so I crawled out of my rabbit hole and headed to my local comic book store to bring home my prize.

Batman Year One gives the reader everything they need to know to start out with the Batman franchise.  You find out how Bruce Wayne became Batman and why, how James Gordon became Captain and realized that Batman was someone he wanted to work with rather than against and even how Cat Woman came into being.  There was a lot of information provided in this novel and it gives the reader a good foundation to carry on with this franchise.  I enjoyed reading it and looked forward to picking it up whenever I sat down to read.  If you are a Batman fan, I would highly recommend this read.

Batman Year One

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