The Lewis Man by Peter May – Book Review

The Lewis Man is book 2 of the Lewis trilogy.  A mummified body of a man has been found in the peat.  It is obvious that he was a victim of foul play, however, thoughts are that he may have been in the peat for centuries until an Elvis tattoo is revealed when they start wiping his body down.

Fin, our main character, has recently given up his job as a policeman in Edinburgh and has returned to Lewis to live.  His plan is live in a tent on his parent’s property and fix up their old house so that it is once again liveable.  The furthest thing from his mind is getting himself involved on the mystery of the “bog man”, however, his involvement evolves organically out of spending time with Marsaili, his girlfriend from when he was a young man.  When a DNA test is done on the bog man, a hit is returned showing that Marsaili’s father is a direct relative to the deceased.  Unfortunately, her father is suffering from dementia and cannot shed any light on the connection between him and the dead man.

Peter May has again done a wonderful job with this story.  I love how as the reader, we learn a great deal of the story from the memories of Marsaili’s father that he has while lost in the fog of dementia.  It is also encouraging to see Fin start to develop a relationship with his son and granddaughter.  Part of me wants to jump into book 3 (The Chessmen) immediately but knowing that it is the last book in the trilogy makes me also want to wait to savor it as much as possible.

If you have not read this trilogy yet, run to your bookstore or your Kindle!!!

The Lewis Man

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