Book Review – Artificial Condition by Martha Wells

Artificial Condition

This is the second novella in the Murderbot Diaries series.  Murderbot, who is part android/part human is determined to find out what happened to cause the human massacre that he was part of during a past assignment.  He needs to return to the mining facility space station where the massacre took place but can only do that if he has proper documentation and therefore, agrees to accept a job as security to a group of humans who are planning on travelling to the same area that Murderbot wants to return to.  We are introduced to a new character in this novella – ART (short for Asshole Research Transport) who is an intelligent AI transport unit.  Murderbot really dislikes ART at the beginning of the novella, however, ART helps him so much that I think that Murderbot develops a grudging respect for him by the end.  I’m hoping that we see more of ART in upcoming books.

It is very easy to read one of these novellas at one sitting, however, they are so good that I like to stretch them out as much as I can.  I actually enjoyed this book even more than the first (All Systems Red) and look forward to picking up the next in the series.

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