Book Review – Still Lives by Maria Hummel

Still Lives

I think the best description I can give of this book is that it is a mystery set in the art world of Los Angeles.

Kim Lord is an artist who has created a series of paintings that depict high profile murders of women over the decades (e.g. Nicole Brown Simpson, Chandra Levy, the Black Dahlia).  The night of the opening, Kim goes missing.

Maggie Richter’s ex-boyfriend, Greg Shaw Ferguson, has been dating Kim Lord and is the main suspect in her disappearance.  Maggie starts nosing around the museum/gallery to see if she can determine what happened to Kim.

I loved all the references to art and explanations as to how the art world works.  I also really enjoyed all the description of Los Angeles.  I have never been to LA and to this point, had never really wanted to go but after having read this book, I actually might change my mind ….

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