Book Review – Winter Street by Elin Hilderbrand

Winter Street

This is the first book in the “Winter” series featuring the Quinn family.   Kelly Quinn owns the Winter Street Inn in Nantucket.  He has three grown children with his first wife, Margaret Quinn, who is a famous television anchor for CBS and is currently married to Mitzi his second wife, with whom they have a grown son Bart who has just joined the Marines.

The story starts a couple of days before Christmas with Kelly discovering his wife in the arms of the man who has played Santa at their annual Christmas party.  Turns out that Mitzi and Santa have been having a Christmas affair for twelve years.

The remaining part of the story evolves over several days and we find out what crisis each Quinn family member is going through.

I enjoyed the book and gave it three stars but somehow was disappointed.  While the book had a lot of description about how the Inn was decorated for Christmas somehow I just didn’t get that Christmas feeling reading it.  Maybe it was all the drama that each person brought to the story.  There were certainly times that I just wanted to reach into the book and slap a couple of those Quinn children and tell them to “grow up”.

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