Netgalley – 50 Reviews Badge Received!!

50 Book ReviewsReviews PublishedProfessional Reader

Since I am responsibly social distancing, I will just have to pat myself a bit on the back but I wanted to share the good news I received today!

Today I posted my 50th book review with Netgalley and received my badge which I can now add to each blog posting. A little while ago I received my Top Reviewer badge which a reviewer receives when 3 or more of their reviews have been added to any NetGalley title details page by a publisher (which I am super proud of).

When I retired three years ago I knew that I didn’t want my brain to fossilize – while I wasn’t interested in taking another paid position, I felt that I still had something to contribute to society. While it has been hard work getting this far in my book reviewing it is days like today which make it all worth while.

Thank you to those who read my book reviews and blog. Your likes/comments make it all worth while!!

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