Book Review – The Newcomer by Mary Kay Andrews

Letty’s sister had always told her that if something ever happened to her that it would be at the hands of her ex, Evan, and that Letty should take her daughter, Maya, and run so that is what she did when she discovers her sister’s body one day.  Letty flees with Maya to the Murmuring Surf Motel just outside St. Petersburg, Florida.  In exchange for housing, she begins working at the inn and she and Maya slowly begin to adjust to their new life.  The owner of the motel has a son, Joe, who is a police detective and a daughter who babysits Maya in the afternoons.   Initially Joe is suspicious of Letty and discovers that Letty is wanted for questioning in regard to the death of her sister.  As Joe’s attraction to Letty grows, he believes there is more to Letty’s story and rather than arresting her, becomes protective towards her.  Meanwhile, Evan is on the hunt for Letty as he wants his daughter back. 

My thoughts:  I have read most of Mary Kay Andrew’s books and while they are not Pulitzer prize winners, I have enjoyed them as a relaxing read where I know I don’t have to concentrate too much (a bit of a palate cleanser between literary fiction tombs).  I found her newest to be a disappointing outing in her repertoire and I’m not sure if I can really put my finger on why.  I did enjoy the setting of the motel on the beach but found Letty’s and Joe’s characters to fall a bit flat and I didn’t really care what happened to either of them.  By the end, I was just glad to finish it and be able to pick up a different book.  If you haven’t read any of Mary Kay’s books, don’t let this review dissuade you as she has written some entertaining ones and would suggest Ladies’ Night or Sunset Beach.

Thank you to Netgalley and St. Martin’s Press for an early copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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