Book Review – The Plot by Jean Hanff Korelitz

Jacob Bonner is an author whose first book was well accepted by the critics.  His second book, not so much and his third book, even worse. In order to make ends meet, he accepts a position in a fine arts program teaching writing.  One of his first students was Evan Parker; an arrogant bragger who wasn’t interested in learning anything from Jacob but couldn’t stop himself from telling Jacob about the book he was going to write.  In Evan’s mind it was not only going to be a best-seller but would be optioned for a movie and Oprah would definitely want it for her book club.  Jake’s skepticism angers Evan and he tells Jacob the plot.  It haunts Jacob when he realizes that Evan is probably correct and it kills him to think that this narcissistic jerk will be one to write it.

Several years later after Jacob discovers that Evan has passed away, he starts thinking again about the novel that Evan was going to write and does some research to see what became of it.  When he realizes that Evan never got a chance to write it, Jake grabs the opportunity and writes it under his own name. 

Evan was right – it not only was a best seller but Steven Spielberg optioned it for a movie and Jacob got a one-on-one interview with Oprah about it.  Everything in Jacob’s life is going great until he receives an anonymous email with just four words – “you are a thief”.

My thoughts:  You get what you expect with this book.  As the emails to Jacob increase and posts start appearing on Twitter, the suspense is amped up and you can feel Jacob’s panic.  While I was correct in guessing who “anonymous” was, I was surprised at the ending.  This would be a perfect airport/vacation book – it is interesting enough to keep you turning the pages but you wouldn’t hesitate to put it down to leave your hotel room to go exploring. 

Thank you to Celadon Books for providing a copy of this book to me in exchange for an honest review.

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