Book Review – Hairpin Bridge by Taylor Adams

Synopsis:  Lena and Cambry Nguyen are twin sisters.  Three months ago, Lena and her family were notified that Cambry committed suicide at Hairpin Bridge in Montana but Lena doesn’t believe that Cambry killed herself.  Lena arranges to meet up with Corporal Raymond Raycevic who was the highway patrolman who found Cambry’s body in the hopes to discover more information about her death.  When Lena first meets Raymond, he seems sympathetic and caring, but as she continues to probe further into what happened to Cambry, his demeanor soon changes and Lena soon finds herself in serious trouble.

My thoughts:  In the past few years I have seen so many books marketed as “thrillers” but when I’ve read them, they feel more like a tame ride on the Ferris Wheel at the exhibition.  Not so for this book.  There were times when I was reading this late at night in bed and I actually had to put it down and pick up a different book because my heart was racing and I was so uncomfortable because it was freaking me out!  If you like thrillers that are really like wild rides at the exhibition, then pick this one up.  This was the first book by this author that I have read but I’ll definitely be checking out Taylor Adams’ first book, No Exit.

Hairpin Bridge is available now for sale.

Thank you to Netgalley and Joffe Books for providing me with an advanced reader’s copy of Hairpin Bridge in exchange for an honest review.

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