Fugitive Telemetry by Martha Wells

Summary:  This is another novella in the Murderbot Diaries series that has become so popular (for good reason).  If you are unaware of this series, Murderbot is the name that a Sec-Unit has given himself as he has had to kill quite a few humans in his job being a security bot.  To sum him... Continue Reading →

Book Podcast Launched!!!

Episode 1 of Podcast Books Are My Passion on Spotify I am so excited to share that Episode 1 of my book podcast "Books Are My Passion" has now launched and is on Spotify. In Episode 1 and upcoming episodes, I'll be talking about books that I've read, books that I want to read, and... Continue Reading →

Anticipated Book Releases

I find that part of the fun of being an avid reader is the researching, planning and anticipating all the books that are coming soon to a bookstore or library near you.  In that vein, today I share with you my top five anticipated reads over the next couple of months … Project Hail Mary... Continue Reading →

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