The Sea Gate by Jane Johnson – Book Review

Synopsis:  Rebecca’s mother has recently died and while sorting through her personal belongings, she finds a letter from her mother’s cousin, Olivia who is elderly and requesting assistance.  Feeling at loose ends with her mother gone, Rebecca decides to go and meet Olivia to see if she can assist.  She arrives in Cornwall to find... Continue Reading →

Rabbit Foot Bill

Although this book is a work of fiction, it is based on actual events that occurred in Canwood, Saskatchewan and the Weyburn Psychiatric Hospital (also known as “the Weyburn”). The book begins with the reader learning of the friendship between Leonard Flint, a young boy, and a local tramp known as Rabbit Foot Bill due... Continue Reading →

The Lions of Fifth Avenue by Fiona Davis

Fiona Davis’ newest entry in her historical fiction collection contains her traditional writing techniques; namely dual timelines and the themes of women’s rights and their struggles to obtain equal status to men. Her choice of New York venue for this outing is the iconic New York Public Library. Even if you haven’t visited the NYPL,... Continue Reading →

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